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Raafat Hantoush

Bote is a deep-tech IoT invention that gives parents a peace of mind about the safety of their children. It's a smart shoe insole that contains a microchip and sends notifications to parents' smart phone once their child goes out of certain range. Bote does neither collect nor share data, it is designed to guarantee the privacy of children.

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Abdullatef Almalouhi and Narges El Azm

EASY Language Lab is an e-learning platform that provides affordable English for specific purposes lessons. It is targeted at the Middle East where lack of English language skills hinders career progress of Arab youth.

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Ghada Alkotob and Rabbab Badin

Aram Craft brings authentic Syrian handicrafts such as mosaics, organic cosmetics and ceramics to the European market. Their products are handmade by newcomer women who get a fair share of the profit. By running handicraft workshops, Aram Craft seeks to present the bright aesthetic image of the Syrian heritage.



Parvin Shafaq

After experiencing several hardships in her life due to social and cultural restrictions, Parvin decided to found Choogh to empower newcomer women. She believes that financial independence enables women to integrate and play a positive role in their host country. Choogh sells oriental handicrafts created by women who still live in camps in Germany and cannot work due to language, tradition and family barriers.



Mhd. Anas Aswad

Arabesque believes that cuisines build connections between cultures. Therefore, it produces high-quality frozen Arab food that is manufactured by skilled refugees and unavailable in the German market.


Ali Abdo and Mouhammad Abomoharram

Quickbulance is on a mission to eliminate language barriers in emergency situations. It is a mobile app that tourists and visitors who do not speak the local language can use to call emergency services.

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Fadi AlShalabi

Niuversity is an online educational platform that teaches professional and employability skills in a live and interactive way in Arabic.

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Abdulhadi Soufan

Reviving Home, an online platform to revive Homs by connecting property owners, engineers, donors, and workers to collaborate and manage reconstruction projects.

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Saeed Hilani, Ghayth Nashed and Ismaeil Najjar

Bab al-Jinan is a Halabi-Syrian cuisine street food and catering service. Their products are very traditional, unique and homemade. You can test their food in the street markets, festivals and in many different events in Berlin. Their goal is to present Syrian culture through food and hospitality.

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Maher Ismail and Hosheng Ibrahim

DALILI, the services search engine that aims to unite the efforts to help newcomers to integrate in the best way and create a positive value.

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Maria AlMoghrai

T&M Moon, medical tourism services for VIPs.


Kussay Chi Chakly

Urban fashion label, using advanced techniques learned from a career in wedding couture design to make unique statement pieces accessible to the young urban fashionista.

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