The Business Lab


You will be supported in our 4-month online programme to turn your business idea into reality. You will work on your idea and receive workshops, mentoring, coaching, marketing package and networking access.

The programme is divided into three phases that you go through in 4 months. These consist of workshops, meet-ups and 1:1 coaching sessions so that we can support you in the best possible way.


The first part of the programme is all about refining and developing your concept.

In the workshops and with your coach, you will work directly on your idea and develop your business model in detail.


In the second phase, we give you concrete tools to implement your idea: You will define your mission and vision as well as your branding.

We will clarify your questions about tax, legal form and financing.


At the end of the programme, you will present your idea to an audience. Experts and the audience will give you feedback on your pitch and you can make further contacts and expand your network.

You are ready to start your own business and can further develop your business idea.

Workshops & Trainer

Idea Lab

In the idea lab we will get to know each other. You will work on your idea and learn how to structure your idea.


What types of tax are there anyway? What does the tax office need from you as a founder? What taxes do you have to pay as a self-employed person?



In this workshop you will learn more about topics like Lean Startup Method, prototyping and testing techniques.


What forms of business are there? Which form of business is the right one for your company? What legal formalities do you have to observe when setting up a company?


In this workshop you will learn more about how to present your company's story in a short and crisp way and how to best capture the attention of your audience.

Financial planning

What sources of funding are there? How much money do you need to get started? How do you create a financial plan and how do you find your prices?

Marketing & Branding

Everything about marketing strategy, forms of advertising and marketing identity.

You also get support to create your logo.

Pitch & Presentation

What is a pitch and why is it important?
What is the trick to an outstanding pitch?
How do I make my presentation appealing?

More support for you

Individual Coaching

Over a period of at least three months, each participant is accompanied by an expert who offers individual support at eye level and shares his or her (professional) network.

Community Meetups

Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs working on inspiring projects. Newcomers and locals work together on innovations and new ideas.


The majority of the trainings and consultations are conducted pro bono by experts from our large network of start-up consultancies, universities, law firms and other partner companies.

Meet our entrepreneurs

Halba BIO is a catering company in North Rhine-Westphalia specialized in healthy nutrition during the postpartum and breastfeeding period.

With the support of midwives and nutritionists, our recipes are adapted to the first weeks after birth and breastfeeding: detoxifying, alkaline, strengthening and easy to digest.

The menus are international, but the ingredients are from regional organic cultivation. Healthy food straight to your home – for the mamas and, if desired, for the whole family!

How can I participate ?

1. Apply

See our “Who can apply” section below. If you meet the criteria, you can apply using the form below:

2. Test the programme

You will be invited to a 1-1/2 day workshop to refine your idea with experts and feedback from buddies.

3. Convince us

We invite you for an individual interview, during which we discuss your motivation and the conditions of participation in the programme. 

Then you sign an agreement and you are on board for the next 3 months.

Who can apply ?


People from non-EU/EFTA/UK countries or with a project idea to support people with a refugee background.

EU/EFTA/UK citizens can participate if they join forces with the target group.


A minimum of B2 level in German is required.


Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Ruhr area, Berlin

Contact us if you live in another city or in the countryside. We will find a solution


People who are allowed to start a business with their residence status can participate. People who are unfortunately not allowed to start a business can, however, participate in the incubator if they have team members who are allowed to.

You can check here:


The time commitment required is 15-20 hours per week.

See details:

- 6 hours of workshops once a month + 2 3 hour workshops.

-6-11 hours of independent work to implement the learning and input.


The first 15 suitable candidates with a migration or refugee background will receive a scholarship, so it is free of charge.

Apply now for the August 2024 start !


Here you can send your application immediately.

It takes 5 minutes !

You still have a question?


You can write us an email and ask your questions about the application process and the program.

You don’t have time now and want to be informed when the programme starts again.